4 thoughts on “castlife!!! (to be continued every day )”

  1. Hello Marina,
    a special blog for your casted foot.
    Your toes look beautiful, even after some weeks with a casted foot. Seams that a cast can’t stop your from being creative, funny and crazy 😉
    Take care of you and your sweet toes.

  2. This is an awesome blog. As Steve mentioned above your cast couldn’t stop you yet. Get well soon, I wish a very fast and complete recovery for this beautiful foot and you can use the roots of the comfrey plant (fresh roots are the best…) when you cut in slices and lay on your skin where the bone is/was broken. All the best wishes and best light!

  3. Dear Marina,
    hope your road to recovery goes well and you can walk again in your high heels. Thanks that you let us participate on your ‘broken-leg-pictures’. Maybe some comments on Insta could cheer you up. Take care of you, your pretty feet and toes.
    Perhaps you continue posting funny, crazy, creativ pix of your feet. ALL THE BEST

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